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Astor Soft Sensation Lipcolor Butter: whole day review (more or less)

¡Hello, there!

I was at the drugstore the other day and saw those 3 in 1 lip products that color your lips with a glossy finnish while moisturizing them. I chose color 008 Hug Me and added it to my shopping cart.

Price: 9,75 €
Quantity: (nowhere to be found)
Shelf life: 30 months after opening
Ingredients: see picture below

So, let's see how long do the shine, color and moisture last.


9h45: First application.

Nude lips and lips with lipcolor butter freshly applied.

First impression: Really esay to apply. It glides on wonderfully, it's very moisturizing and it doesn't feel sticky.

10h45: It leaves a residue on the glass, but the color, the moisture and mostly all the shine stay on the lips.

12h45: After a mid morning snack and a couple glasses of water, there's no stain on the glass, the shine is gone, there's just a bit of colour remaining on the lips but they still feel mosturized.

14h15: The lips start to feel in need of some moisture.

15h00: After having lunch and drinking more water, there's a small stain in the paper napking, no color left on the lips and the lips feel no longer moisturized (they don't feel dry either). Time to apply the lipbutter again!

Veredict:  It does what it says. It's a three in one product that adds color to your lips with a glossy finnish while moisturizing them without a sticky feeling. The shine is lost after the second glass of water, the color lasts for quite a while and the moisturizing sensation lasts for almost 5 hours as they say on the packaging.
Will I repurchase this? Most likely, in another color of course, but I still have quite a lot of lip products to finnish before I even consider buying another one of these lipbutters.

What about you? Have you tried those lipbutters? Did you like them? Would you repurchase them?

♥Until next time!♥

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