domingo, 18 de mayo de 2014

TESTED: Bubble hair coloring by Etude House (review)


The time came for me to color my hair again. This time, I used Etude's House Bubble hair coloing in color number 7 "Mocha Pink".

Here are some pictures of the box:

Here are the contents of the box:

Pump bottle with the developer
Pouch with the liquid hair color
After coloring treatment
Leaflet with instructions

It's very easy to create the foam: you pour the hair colouring liquid into the bottle, screw the pump on tight and tilt the bottle (do not shake it) from left to right a few times. You'll notice when it's ready, cause you won't hear the liquid moving once it's foamed up.

The foam was pretty thick, all the way to the end.

Like every foam hair color, it was very easy to apply and cover all of my hair with it. It also covered white hairs perfectly.

This dye had no punjent smell and my scalp did not itch at all, and it did not flake afterwards.

It was a lovely color, though not the one you would expect by the name and the pictures on the box. It was ligther and more on the blondy side than I expected.

 Before                        After

I did not like the aftertreatment though. I felt it was not as moisturizing and repairing as other aftertreatments that come with other hair dyes.

After 6 weeks it faded a bit and turned blondier but even so, it was still a lovely color and looked very natural.

I bought this hair dye on sale in Seoul, but I've found it on eBay for about 6€ so, given the price and quality, I'll provably buy this hair dye again. And I might try another color, if I feel venturous enough.

Have you tried this or another foam hair dye? If so, what did you think of it?

♥♡♥ Take care! ♥♡♥

sábado, 3 de mayo de 2014

TESTED: Astor Fashon Studio nail polish, 242 Aqua Leaf; Kiko, nail lacquer 268 Lime green (review)


Here's my experience with two nail polishes: 242 Aqua Leaf by Astor Fashion Studio and 268 by Kiko.

Mavala nail hardener + 2 coats of nail polish (3 coats of the 268). No top coat.

242 Aqua Leaf
Price: 1,99 € (estaba de oferta)
Quantity: 6ml
Shelf life: 30 months after opening

It's a blue pastel nail polish.


As it happens with most nail polishes, you need to apply two coats.

It recedes a little bit on the tip of the nails once the nail polish is dry and I saw a small chip on the nail of my left thumb on the sixth day.

It is good to swipe the brush horizontally on the tip of the nails when painting them since this nail polish tends to recede a bit once it's dry. Like other Astor Fashion Studio nail polishes, the formula is quite dense so make sure you take the excess off before applying the nail polish or you'll get stripe marks on your nails.

I love this color and I think it's ideal for spring and summer time.

268 Lime green
Price: 1 € (it was on sale)
Quantity: 11ml
Shelf life: 36 onths after opening

It's a fair green nail polish with shiny microparticles in it that give a perly effect.

I had to apply 3 coats of this nail polish to get the nail completely opaque.

It's been already 7 days since i painted my nails and it hasn't chipped at all.

You don't need to apply a top coat over this nail polish.

I think you could also apply it over another color to give your nails a lovely pearly effect with a tad of green color.

I love this color and I also find it ideal for spring and summer time.

NOTES: I haven't seen it again in the shop, but it seems it's still available on the web.

♥♡♥ Take care! ♥♡♥

viernes, 2 de mayo de 2014

March & April 2014 Favourites (and 2 misses)


Well, we're already in May! Can you believe it? Time goes by so fast, and now it is time to share my favourite products from March and April with you, as well as a couple of products I regret buying.

Cat thights

I bought them from Yesstyle (here's the link) because they were on offer and I thought they were really funny. The skin coloured part is quite opaque and the design is just do cute, with the cat's face on the front and the tail on the back. After buying these thights, I found out Tiny G, a K-pop group, were wearing these very same thights on the MV for their song "Miss You".

Had I found the matching T-shirt they are wearing on the MV, I would have also bought it. It's just so cute, and it also has the tail printed on the back.

Cookies & Cream Kit Kat

There are 5 mini packs with two bars each in every package. And yes, they do taste like cookies and cream. My boyfriend looooves them.


Caramelized almonds covered in chocolate and sprinkled with powdered chocolate on the top. This is the original recipe and the only one I though it existed. But I went with some colleagues to a chocolate outlet from a brand named Blanxart and found out there were other flavours too. I bought 3 bags of catanias (also called "Brics" by this brand) in tree different flavours: original, passion fruit and natural sea-salt from Ibiza. All of them were delicious. Well, there are still some left in my pantry. ^_^

Mandarin and Orange Shower Butter by Bomb Cosmetics

I discovered this UK cosmetics brand in Padova, Italy, last year. Yeap. There was a shop at the central station. I went in just to look arround and sniff some of the products and ended up buying this shower butter because the concept really intrigued me. I started using this in March, when I run out of the moisturizing shower gel I was using. This shower butter smells really well, but only when your working it on your skin. It does not really foam up a lot but it cleanses really well and it leaves my skin very soft and moisturized. So moisturized that I don't need to spread anything else on my skin when I get off the shower.
The only dowside is that you are supposed to use this huge pot in three months after opening it.

Palmer's Olive Oil Formula Curl Extend Hair Pudding


I bought it on sale from Feelunique (here's the link) and I like how it leaves my hair: it moisturizes, tames the frizz and defines my waves. Don't get intimidated by the name, it doesn't smell at all of olive oil. It smells fresh and clean, kind of soapy. Not only does it not weigh my hair down but it actually gives it some volume.


Miracle cream by Garnier

I really tried using this cream. I wanted to use it for 28 days, but I could only use it for 2 weeks: it made me break out. I stopped using it and my skin went back to normal. I waited for a week and tried using it again and I started breaking out again so, I stopped using it for good. The truth is I didn't expect this cream to look like that: it reminded me of some Korean CC creams. It comes out white but it developes the color when you work it on your skin. It doesn't adapt well to my skin color. It's a tad dark and orangey for me, as you can see in the picture. It has a very sheer coverage and you cannot build up the coverage, as you can do with a lot of Korean CC creams. The Miracle cream is more of a tinted moisturizer, rather than a CC cream. I will try applying this as a moisturizer from the knee down  once the weather is suitable to show some skin ^_^.

Superstay 14h color cream by Maybelline

I bought it in color 150 On and On Pink. I love the color but I don't like the formula at all: it's too creamy, it feels heavy on my lips and it dries my lips out. It lasts for quite a while but not for 14h, as they say. And when it starts coming off, it does it in patches. I've tryed applying it with and without lip balm. With lip balm, the color lasts less and it doesn't solve the dry lips problem. It also makes the dry skin on my lips more noticeable.

What were your favourites for March and April?
Have you tried any of the products I mentioned? And if so, what did you think of them?

♥♡♥ Take care! ♥♡♥

jueves, 1 de mayo de 2014

TESTED (TASTED): Korean instant noodles Chapaghetti (review)


Here's my opinion on a new product that I've tasted and I've liked very much. These are Korean instant noodles with black bean sauce (jjajang myeon).

Youngsters in Korea have some curious celebrations. After Valentine's Day (February 14th) when gilrs give chocolate and sweets to the boys they like, there's White Day (March 14th)- when boys give chocolates and sweets to the girls they like. After that comes Black Day (April 14th)- when singles get together with other single friends to eat jjajang myeon (noodles with black bean sauce).

I bought these noodles inspired by Black Day. They are very easy to preapare: you boil the noodles together with the dried veggies and, after 5 minutes, you drain them leaving a little bit of water to be able to create the sauce with the black bean powder and the sesame oil provided in the package.

I added one egg for a little protein content. Mmm... so delicious...

If you'd like to taste some Korean food but you don't dare cause of the spiciness, you can taste these noodles: they are not spicy at all and they are super yummy.

So, will you give them a bite?

♥♡♥ Take care! ♥♡♥