martes, 4 de febrero de 2014

Korean haul (part 2)

(See the previous post for more items)
I kind of went crazy buying paper masks, but they were so cheap! (almost all of them were either on sale or 1+1)

My Beauty Diary - Bird's Nest (2 pieces) and Black Pearl (2 pieces)
Balhyo Nature - Weekly Mask Set (4 pieces)
Eeyoo - Snail Extra Soothing Mask (10 pieces)
A'Pieu - Collagen Dual Set Mask (10 pieces) and Caviar Dual Set Mask (10 pieces)
Etude House - Collagen Eye Gel Patch (10 pieces)

Faith In The Face - Hold Me Tigh (1 piece) snd Black and White Film Star (1 piece)
Tamagohada - AHA + BHA face wash
Etude House - Skin ma:lgem (deep moist)
Inisfree - It's real Green Tea mask (4 pieces. These came with the Eco Science Wrinkle Spot essence) and Eco Science Wrinkle Spot essence
Skinfood - Thermal Water Gel Mask (1 piece)
Etude House - Heart for 5 Berry Complex (10 pieces) and K for Korean Gingseng (10 pieces) 

Skinfood - Black Sugar mask

I got some with every purchase.

Etude House - Pomegranate face mask, baking Powder BB Deep Cleansig Foam, Milky You One Step Cleansing Foam, Collagen Moistfull trial kit, Collagen Moistfull Cream, CC Cream (silky), Sweet Recipe Baby Chou base.
Inisfree - Soybean Energy Essence
A'Pieu - Essential Source Hyaluronic Acid lotion and Essential Source Hyaluronic Acid essence
Skinfood - Royal Honey Nutrition Massage Cream, Brocoli Cleansing Foam, Brocoli Sun Cream

And, that's all!
Just leave me a comment if you're interested in any of these products, cause I'm planning to review some of them.
Take care!

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