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Stockholm- Gävle part 1: Jumbo Hostel

Hi, there!

Sorry for the  delay. I should have posted this long time ago but I have been traveling again, this time for leisure, and I had to organize the trip before I left and I was planning on blogging while I was out but, honestly, I was so exausted from walking the whole day that I couldn't find the strenght to stay awake and blog.

As you know from my previous post, a month ago I went on a short business trip to Sweden. My final destination was Gävle, but I spent the first night in Stockholm before taking the train to Gävle the next morning. I stayed at the Jumbo Hostel, a former 747 Boeing plane now transformed into a Hostel. My company offered me various alternatives but I chose to stay at the Jumbo Hostel because it was different from the traditional airport hotel options and it sounded kind of fun.

When using the elevator to access the plane, you had to keep the button pushed or the elevator would stop on its tracks :)

You had to take your shoes before “boarding” the plane. Slippers were available at the shoe racks in the entrance, where some people also left their shoes. I carried mine in my hand to my room, cause I’m too fond of my shoes to leave them on a public area where anyone could grab them.
The snack bar/common space is at the front of the plane, next to the reception desk.

My single room had a bunk bed in which the lower bunk was a queen size bed. The hostel provides you with a big size towel, that you can find on top of the lower bunk.
The view from my room was the right wing, a road and part of the airport.
The left wing had been transformed into a terrace, but it was closed cause the weather was still too cold to enjoy sitting outside.

The Bathrooms are down the aisle. Yes, restrooms and showers are in the same piece so, there are a few bathrooms spread along the aisle, but most of them are at the rear.
Also at the rear there’s a hair drier, an ironing board and an iron. There are also two computers with internet connection, one at the rear and one near the front, that guests have free access to.

All and all, it was a fun experience, the place was very clean, the staff was nice, it had free wi-fi connection and the breakfast (small buffet) was included in the price. It was also really close to the airport with a good shuttle connection to all the terminals (a bus every 10-15 minutes from 5 a.m. to 12 a.m.).

How do you like this hostel? Would you stay here or would you rather stay at a hotel instead?

See you really soon, cause I will be posting the second part of my trip today.

♥Have fun!♥

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