domingo, 29 de septiembre de 2013

Turning 36

Yeap! Today's my B-Day and I'm turning 36! And I love cute things more and more everyday, I keep obsessing over K-pop and I still wear shorts (not really short shorts because I've never been a fan of those) and tank tops without a bra.

Though everyone says I look younger (everyone thinks I look under 27 and in the USA no one thinks I'm older than 21), I have noticed some changes in me during this last year that kind of worry me because they mean I'm getting older!

The first of those changes are the white hairs. I already had some but this last year, the white hairs have kind of invaded my head. I have lots now and I cannot stand them. I cannot colour my hair every four weeks, I need to wait to at least for 6 weeks or my scalp will get really irritated so when I start noticing some white highlights in the roots on the fourth week after I colured my hair, I try to comb my hair in a way that those white hairs are not noticeable while waiting for two more weeks to go by, till I can color my hair again.

The second change I noticed while looking at some pictures from last year was that I get some wrinkles arround my eyes when I smile. I never used any eye cream, in fact, I never believed in them: they have the same ingredients as some face creams and they cost double for a miserable quantity. But I come to thinking that I might need to use some type of cream for my eye area other than my moisturizer. I have also been investigating on the net and I think I might try face yoga: it's free (there are lots of videos with exercices in Youtube) and, who knows, it might work...

And the third change is my arms. I've never been very sporty myself but this last year I have started doing a bit of exercise but only directed to the zone bellow my belly, and now I regret I didn't pay more attention to my arms, for they feel kind of jell-o, if you know what I mean. So, I will have to include some exercises to tone my arms this year.

Why does it take quite an effort to mantain yourself when you get older?

Anyways, here's the sentence that was on the label of my tea this morning: "Experience you cannot learn".
And I have a lot of things to try and experience ;>

♥Take care and see you soon!♥

PS: I will be posting pictures from my trip to Venice in my next post so, stay tunned!

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