domingo, 27 de abril de 2014

TESTED: nail polish by Kiko, nail lacquer, 233 (review)

Here's my experience with nail polish in color 233 by Kiko.

Mavala nail hardener + 2 coats of nail polish. No top coat.
Price: 1 € (it was on sale)
Quantity: 11ml
Shelf life: 36 months after opening

It's a fair pink nail polish with really fine shinny microparticles that give the nails a pearly finnish.

One coat gives the nails a pearly finnish. Two coats make the pink color of the nail polish visible.

After 7 days, looking at the nails very closely, you can see the nail polish chipped on the tip of some of the nails, but not on the sides or on the base of the nails. The good thing about this color is that it is very sheer so it is hard to see the little chipping here and there.

I don't see the need to apply a top coat over this nail polish since it is shinny and quite chip resistant.
I think it will look nice over another nail polish for that pearly effect.

I like this nail polish. It looks very natural but at the same time you get a shinny pearly finnish taht makes your nnails more fancy.

NOTES. I don't think this color is in stock anymore. It is not on the web and I haven't seen it again in the shop either, but there are other similar nail polishes.

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