sábado, 23 de febrero de 2013

essence Breaking Dawn collection: mini haul & reviews


While walking through a department store, I ended up at the essence stand and found out there was a new collection called "Breaking Dawn", inspired by the twilight saga. After checking out the products, I decided to take the following three home with me:

1. Nail polish 03 A Piece Of Forever. 0, 33 fl.oz/10ml. 2, 49 €: A beautiful golden nail polish. The packaging claims it's long-lasting, but it does not last untouched for more than 5 days. One coat is enough though.

2. Shimmer powder 01 Bella's Secret. 0, 38oz/11g. 3, 49 €. Bests 24 months after opening: A very subtle golden highlighter that lasts all day long. The packaging is kind of cheap though, and I fear that the lid might fall apart anytime.

Here's a picture for you to see how the nail polish looks on the nails and also a swatch of the powder.

3. Lipgloss 01 alice had a vision-again. 0, 13fl.oz/4ml. 2, 49 €. Bests 12 months after opening: It tastes like blackberries and it is quite long lasting for a gloss (it even survives my morning cup of tea at the office!). It feels moisturizing and it's not sticky. When you apply it on top of a lipstick, it instantly darkens the color of the lipstick and gives your lips that glossy look.
Here's a pic of my nude lips (up) and another one of my lips with the gloss on (down).

I hope this post has been useful, or at least entertaining, to you.
♥See you soon!♥

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